We heard supplies of the Apple Mac Mini and iMac are dwindling a few days back. Now it seems even more certain – hold on to your pennies, new iMacs and Mac Minis are incoming. Or at least that’s if leaked Ad-Sense adverts are to be believed.

News of ultra-thin iMacs, a lighter and thinner version of the plastic body MacBook, cheaper Mac Minis and new versions of the Apple Remote and Mighty Mouse have all been signposted. The info comes from Dutch Google Ad Sense Ads which prematurely slipped on to Google.nl.

The Ad Sense ads pointed web surfers to the local version of the Apple Store but sadly the pages they led to were deader than stone washed denim. If the ads were commissioned by Apple (and there’s no guarantees), the info fits with rumours we’d been hearing of new Mac Minis and redesigned iMac’s and MacBook’s.

Besides more full-on new hardware, Apple looks set to perk up its aging peripheral line-up. The sometimes maligned Mighty Mouse will get a refresh, as will the Apple Remote while a new aluminium wireless keyboard is on the cards.

The ads aren’t the only clue to Apple’s plans. In the past few weeks it’s told stores that iMacs, Macbooks and Mac Minis are going to be thin on the ground. It’s said the products will be restocked by October 7 (Macbooks) and October 9 (Mac Minis). Look out for an Apple announcement or at least a store take down as soon as tomorrow!

And to further stoke the rumour mill, Apple stores have also received new signage that’s “not to be opened or displayed until further notice”. Big shiny “New ultra-slim iMac” posters?

Source: Mirror.co.uk

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