The Sony PS3 has hit a whopping 50 million sales worlwide, with the recently released Move controller notching up eight million sale already.

At least the tide is now turning for Sony, who for years were famously loosing money on each unit sold. Now with development costs recouped and an easier and cheaper to make console they should now easily be seeing a return on their investment.

As an added bonus for Sony, such a high total number of console sales means there are an equally high number of Blu-ray players out there in homes around the world, thus boosting sales of their high-defintion format disks.

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  1. A great review with some nice ‘real life’ pictures. Reading about the latest MacBook Air I’m surprised that the 11-inch model doesn’t have an SD card slot but I suppose space is at a premium on such a compact machine. I would have been disappointed as an SD card user to find out this after purchase! I suppose a USB card reader isn’t too much of a pain to carry around, although the less stuff you have to take on the road the better.

    On another note, does anyone know if the RAM n the MacBook Air is user upgradeable? I know it wasn’t in the original due to it being soldered onto the motherboard and I’m not sure if this is still the case.

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