Microsoft have today announced a special edition Red Xbox 360 to mark the imminent release of the first Resident Evil game on the platform. It will be released on 13 March, the same day as the game and will based on the top-of-the range Elite edition of the console. The package will include the usual Elite package (in Red rather than Black) along with the game and a special Resident Evil 5 theme. The special edition will be available in the UK, US and Australian markets.

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  1. Just a heads up – all of these special edition red consoles are the new jasper units so you’ll get a quieter more reliable console as a result. Hope this help any potential purchasers.

  2. […] an added bonus. It also maybe possible that the Elite will get a colour change as it did with the RE5 special edition. gtaiv, XBox 360 Address: « LEGO Rock Band announced […]

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