In a turnaround of the Xbox 360 vs Sony PS3 launches, Microsoft has yet to announce any details of its forthcoming PS4 chanenger. Despite this, some industry watchers are convinced that the new Xbox will dominate the next generation of games consoles. Michael Pachter, analyst at Wedbush Securities, believes Microsoft will win the next generation console battle.

In a South by Southwest presentation Pachter stated that non-gaming related features such as Skype integration and TV services will allow it to win the next-generation console war. Whilst the current Xbox 360 features a good selection of entertainment features, its successor is expected to push entertainment to another level thanks to Kinect 2 integration, digital video recording features and possibly set-top box functionality.

Whilst Sony’s PlayStation 4 (get a free PS4 via may aim to catch the Microsoft console over time, Pacher believes the Xbox’s early edge will be maintained.

Maybe Sony’s desire to get information about their new console out first may not pay off after all.


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Apple has just revealed UK pricing for the SIM free iPhone 4? A black 16GB iPhone 4 will cost a whopping £500, whilst you will be asked to cough up £600 if would  prefer a 32GB model. The year old 8GB iPhone 3GS will cost a hefty £420.

Basically Apple are charging a £100 mark-up for the extra 16GB of memory in the higher priced model, a large price to pay considering the price of a similar sized USB drive. It looks as though the only half-reasonable way to get an iPhone 4 is through a contract option, although you’ll be tied to a 18 or 24 month deal. However, all is not lost as Tesco Mobile are doing a 12 month contract but with a £360 upfront handset cost. The monthly cost is a reasonable £20 though.

The white iPhone 4 isn’t currently available yet, but is listed on Apple’s website as coming soon. Hopefully it won’t cost anymore than the black version.

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The forthcoming Apple iPad could push global memory prices higher – assuming it is a success.

Considering that Apple already consumes almost one-third of total global NAND flash memory in its products, the increase in demand resulting from high iPad sales could potentially push flash memory prices even higher than they already are.

This comes at a time when the industry expects the SSD or Solid State Drive to be the next big seller. With its much improved performance, small footprint, quiet, cool operating characteristics and reliable operation it is understandably in high demand. An imminent rise in price could easily delay the SSD’s move from expensive upgrade to an essential part of any PC.

All eyes will be on Apple this April when the first versions of the iPad go on sale. If it proves to be a big success then the traditional hard disk drive may just have to soldier on for a little while longer yet.

The Apple iPad is released in major markets during April. Get your free iPad after launch just by following an easy three-stage process. Don’t pay Apple prices, get it for free!

For more iPad information please visit the official Apple website.

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Apple have just announced version 3.1 of their iPhone software. It brings a notable new apps feature based on the Genius function from iTunes. It will automatically recommend new apps for your iPhone (including the iPhone 3G and iPhone3GS) based on the apps you already own.

You will also be able to add ringtones from major record labels. These will be selecable right from the iTunes app on your iPhone.

The iPhone 3.1 software is available today and is free to download from iTunes for 3.0 users.


Get a free white iPhone now by completing a simple three-stage process. Both 16GB and 32GB versions of Apple’s smartphone are now available.

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Sony currently offers motion-sensing capabilities in the DualShock 3 wireless controller, which is available as an accessory to the PS3. However, the new controller would be far more advanced, possibly eclipsing the accuracy of the controller for the Nintendo Wii console.

The Sony controller would use light-emitting diodes and a Webcam to track the gadget’s movements, according to Variety. The technology would be able to track the direction of movements better than the Wii-mote, and also track velocity.
A Sony spokesman said Friday the company wouldn’t comment on “rumours or speculation.”

The controller is the second new product Sony is expected to unveil at E3. The game fan site reported this week that Sony would introduce the next iteration of the PlayStation Portable handheld game console.

Variety isn’t the first to report a new Sony controller is in the works. The site reported last month that Sony was reaching out to game developers, asking them to add support for the device in future games.

What impact the controller has on PS3 sales remains to be seen. Sony has been hit hard by sliding consumer demand during the economic downturn, which has impacted PS3 sales. Not helping demand is the higher price of the PS3 compared with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii. Sony has cut prices before on the PS3, which starts at $400. Analysts have said they expect the company to cut prices this year by about $100.

Source: Information Week

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Further to our earlier item about the possibility of a silver PS3, looking at one of their adverts, GameStop appears to have acquired the exclusive rights to sell the silver DualShock 3 controller throughout the US and Canada. Maybe this is an indication that it is a controller only and not an indication of a full silver PS3 console. Time will tell.

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Rumours over at Kotaku suggest that Microsoft looks like it may be planning to release another Xbox 360 Elite bundle, this time with Rockstar’s hit game Grand Theft Auto IV. Although no release date has been set it looks as though retailers are getting information through. It is likely that Microsoft will included the Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable episode The Lost & Dammed as an added bonus. It also maybe possible that the Elite will get a colour change as it did with the RE5 special edition.


Warner Brothers in conjunction with Harmonix have announced development of LEGO Rock Band, the often-rumoured music title from the Rock Band stable. The game, owing to its LEGO association, should be a more family friendly title opposed to the hard rock style that the Rock Band titles have presented in the past. Just five of the final songs to make it into the game have been revealed so far. These are Song 2 by Blur, Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas, The Final Countdown by Europe, Boys and Girls by Good Charlotte and Pinks’ So What. We expect more details to surface over the next month.


Autosport have revealed that Codemasters’ F1 2009 game will be released this autumn, but only on the Wii and PSP. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will follow sometime in 2010 after receiving a makeover to enable HD resolutions. All versions of the games will feature the new KERS kinetic energy recovery system, slick tyres and the full 2009 aero rules. All of the current cars and drivers will feature including the new and very successful Brawn GP team with their BGP001.

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Gamestop have confirmed that a silver Sony PS3 Dual Shock 3 game pad will be available in the US from June. We can’t see the point of a silver controller when all US (and European) PS3′s have been black to date. Does this mean that the games giant is about to release a silver edition of their console, and if they do will this be another gimmick in lieu of a price cut? We’ll keep you posted.