Apple has just revealed UK pricing for the SIM free iPhone 4? A black 16GB iPhone 4 will cost a whopping £500, whilst you will be asked to cough up £600 if would  prefer a 32GB model. The year old 8GB iPhone 3GS will cost a hefty £420.

Basically Apple are charging a £100 mark-up for the extra 16GB of memory in the higher priced model, a large price to pay considering the price of a similar sized USB drive. It looks as though the only half-reasonable way to get an iPhone 4 is through a contract option, although you’ll be tied to a 18 or 24 month deal. However, all is not lost as Tesco Mobile are doing a 12 month contract but with a £360 upfront handset cost. The monthly cost is a reasonable £20 though.

The white iPhone 4 isn’t currently available yet, but is listed on Apple’s website as coming soon. Hopefully it won’t cost anymore than the black version.

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The forthcoming Apple iPad could push global memory prices higher – assuming it is a success.

Considering that Apple already consumes almost one-third of total global NAND flash memory in its products, the increase in demand resulting from high iPad sales could potentially push flash memory prices even higher than they already are.

This comes at a time when the industry expects the SSD or Solid State Drive to be the next big seller. With its much improved performance, small footprint, quiet, cool operating characteristics and reliable operation it is understandably in high demand. An imminent rise in price could easily delay the SSD’s move from expensive upgrade to an essential part of any PC.

All eyes will be on Apple this April when the first versions of the iPad go on sale. If it proves to be a big success then the traditional hard disk drive may just have to soldier on for a little while longer yet.

The Apple iPad is released in major markets during April. Get your free iPad after launch just by following an easy three-stage process. Don’t pay Apple prices, get it for free!

For more iPad information please visit the official Apple website.

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We heard supplies of the Apple Mac Mini and iMac are dwindling a few days back. Now it seems even more certain – hold on to your pennies, new iMacs and Mac Minis are incoming. Or at least that’s if leaked Ad-Sense adverts are to be believed.

News of ultra-thin iMacs, a lighter and thinner version of the plastic body MacBook, cheaper Mac Minis and new versions of the Apple Remote and Mighty Mouse have all been signposted. The info comes from Dutch Google Ad Sense Ads which prematurely slipped on to

The Ad Sense ads pointed web surfers to the local version of the Apple Store but sadly the pages they led to were deader than stone washed denim. If the ads were commissioned by Apple (and there’s no guarantees), the info fits with rumours we’d been hearing of new Mac Minis and redesigned iMac’s and MacBook’s.

Besides more full-on new hardware, Apple looks set to perk up its aging peripheral line-up. The sometimes maligned Mighty Mouse will get a refresh, as will the Apple Remote while a new aluminium wireless keyboard is on the cards.

The ads aren’t the only clue to Apple’s plans. In the past few weeks it’s told stores that iMacs, Macbooks and Mac Minis are going to be thin on the ground. It’s said the products will be restocked by October 7 (Macbooks) and October 9 (Mac Minis). Look out for an Apple announcement or at least a store take down as soon as tomorrow!

And to further stoke the rumour mill, Apple stores have also received new signage that’s “not to be opened or displayed until further notice”. Big shiny “New ultra-slim iMac” posters?


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Apple have just announced that the iPod touch is getting a price reduction with immediate effect. The cost for an 8GB model is now $199, the 32GB will cost $299 and the 64GB will cost $399.

Also the iPod Shuffle is getting some new colours: Black, silver, pink, green, and blue. In addition to this there will be a special edition 4GB model which is made of polished stainless steel and will cost $99. The 2GB Shuffle will now be $59. All changes are available immediately from your local Apple store.

The Nano now gets a built in video camera, a 2.2 inch screen and a polished aluminium finish, all in the Apple store now.

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Rumours are gathering about the iPhone 3GS having an overheating problem Users of Apple’s latest model are complaining that the device has become too hot to put to the ear during calls, whilst others have gone so far as to claim that the white edition of the 32GB is actually stating to turn pink due to the intense heat.

Apple has avoided any suggestion of a problem and says that the 3GS should not be left in a car where temperatures can exceed 45C. In a support article on their site, Apple says that “if the interior temperature of the device exceeds normal operating temperatures you may experience the following as the device attempts to regulate its temperature: device stops charging, the display dims, weak cellular signal”.

Apple also goes on the say that the iPhone 3GS incorporates a overheating safety feature that warns the user via an on screen message that they should turn off the device and allow it to cool.

There are plenty of overheating reports though that do not entail the device being left in a hot environment such as a car. Simply using the GPS or even the new integrated video camera may cause the device to overheat. Despite these teething troubles, you can get a free iPhone3GS by visiting the link and completing a few simple steps. The iPhone3GS is available in 16GB or 32GB flavours with each one being available in either black or white.

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At their software conference earlier this week, Apple have announced their new take on the iPhone – the iPhone 3GS. The notable improvements over the previous 3G unit are as follows:

Improved speed
Featuring improved processor speed the 3GS is aimed by Apple to be up to 2x faster than its predecessor. As an added bonus, the battery life is also said to be improved, giving you the best of both worlds.

Larger memory
The 3GS comes in either 16GB or 32GB flavours.

New colours
The new iPhone is now available in white as well as the traditional black.

Record Video
For the first time you can now shoot, edit and share VGA quality video. The editing facilities allow you to cut either the beginning or the end off your movies, whilst the share facility allows you to email, publish or sync (with a Mac) your handy-work.

Improved camera
A new 3-megapixel camera with auto focus improves on an iPhone weak point. It’s still not a great specification but is ample for pictures on your mobile. Get a camera if you want better snaps as the quality of the optics are just as (if not more) important than mega-pixels.

Voice Control
Voice Control allows you to call up your contacts and listen to your music with ease.

A new built-in compass automatically reorients maps on the display to match the direction you’re facing. It will also work in conjunction with the GPS featured in earlier iPhones.

The new iPhone 3GS is available on 19 June in the US and (reportedly) on 22 June in the UK and Europe. Once released you will be able to get a free iPhone 3GS by clicking on the link of our approved partner.

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