Apple have just announced version 3.1 of their iPhone software. It brings a notable new apps feature based on the Genius function from iTunes. It will automatically recommend new apps for your iPhone (including the iPhone 3G and iPhone3GS) based on the apps you already own.

You will also be able to add ringtones from major record labels. These will be selecable right from the iTunes app on your iPhone.

The iPhone 3.1 software is available today and is free to download from iTunes for 3.0 users.


Get a free white iPhone now by completing a simple three-stage process. Both 16GB and 32GB versions of Apple’s smartphone are now available.

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Rumours are gathering about the iPhone 3GS having an overheating problem Users of Apple’s latest model are complaining that the device has become too hot to put to the ear during calls, whilst others have gone so far as to claim that the white edition of the 32GB is actually stating to turn pink due to the intense heat.

Apple has avoided any suggestion of a problem and says that the 3GS should not be left in a car where temperatures can exceed 45C. In a support article on their site, Apple says that “if the interior temperature of the device exceeds normal operating temperatures you may experience the following as the device attempts to regulate its temperature: device stops charging, the display dims, weak cellular signal”.

Apple also goes on the say that the iPhone 3GS incorporates a overheating safety feature that warns the user via an on screen message that they should turn off the device and allow it to cool.

There are plenty of overheating reports though that do not entail the device being left in a hot environment such as a car. Simply using the GPS or even the new integrated video camera may cause the device to overheat. Despite these teething troubles, you can get a free iPhone3GS by visiting the link and completing a few simple steps. The iPhone3GS is available in 16GB or 32GB flavours with each one being available in either black or white.

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The UK focused retailer is now selling the pay-as-you-go version of Apple’s latest iPhone for a whopping £899! This is for the 32GB version of the iPhone 3GS, the 16GB version can be had for around £600 – and I was thinking the standard PAYG versions were expensive enough.


Well, for us folks in the UK (as well as North America and most of Europe) the iPhone 3GS is out today. As a result, we thought we’d give you a run down of the prices we are expected to pay here in the UK compared to those across the pond.

The handset cost for a 16GB iPhone 3GS will vary from nothing to £184.00 (about $300US) on an 18 month contract. If you sign up for a 24 month contract you’ll pay less, again from nothing to somewhere in the region of £87.00 (about $141US).

The handset cost for a 32GB iPhone 3GS will be between a high of £274.00 (approx $444US) and low of £97.00 (approx $158US) for an 18 month contract and somewhere between £175.00 (approx $283) and nothing on a 24 month contract.

The actual monthly costs (all UK plans include unlimited data and Wi-Fi) will also vary between £29.00 (approx $48US) and £73.00 (approx $120US) for an 18 month deal and £34.00 (approx $55US) and £73.00 (approx $120US) for a 24 month duration.

Pay as you go customers in the UK can be expected to pay around £440.00 (approx $712) for the 16GB iPhone 3GS and £538.00 (approx $874) for the 32GB iPhone 3GS. Not sure what you think, but we’d say these are pretty outrageous prices for something that doesn’t look or really feel any better than its predecessor. If it’s too much then you can get a free iPhone 3GS by following the link and completing a few simple steps.

Let us know what you think.

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At their software conference earlier this week, Apple have announced their new take on the iPhone – the iPhone 3GS. The notable improvements over the previous 3G unit are as follows:

Improved speed
Featuring improved processor speed the 3GS is aimed by Apple to be up to 2x faster than its predecessor. As an added bonus, the battery life is also said to be improved, giving you the best of both worlds.

Larger memory
The 3GS comes in either 16GB or 32GB flavours.

New colours
The new iPhone is now available in white as well as the traditional black.

Record Video
For the first time you can now shoot, edit and share VGA quality video. The editing facilities allow you to cut either the beginning or the end off your movies, whilst the share facility allows you to email, publish or sync (with a Mac) your handy-work.

Improved camera
A new 3-megapixel camera with auto focus improves on an iPhone weak point. It’s still not a great specification but is ample for pictures on your mobile. Get a camera if you want better snaps as the quality of the optics are just as (if not more) important than mega-pixels.

Voice Control
Voice Control allows you to call up your contacts and listen to your music with ease.

A new built-in compass automatically reorients maps on the display to match the direction you’re facing. It will also work in conjunction with the GPS featured in earlier iPhones.

The new iPhone 3GS is available on 19 June in the US and (reportedly) on 22 June in the UK and Europe. Once released you will be able to get a free iPhone 3GS by clicking on the link of our approved partner.

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