Reports are surfacing that Sony has filed a patent to cover an ‘Emotion Engine Emulation system’ that is capable of being used with the PS3’s Cell Processor.

The Emotion Engine was the name given to the chip in the original 60GB PS3’s that allowed it to become backwards compatible with the previous generation PS2 games. This technology was subsequently removed from later versions of the console in the name of cost cutting.

It looks as though Sony has found a cheaper way of incorporating the technology into the PS3 though some sort of software emulation. Maybe we’ll see it appear soon, possible in the much rumoured slim PS3 sometime later this year?

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At the E3 conference today Sony has been showing off its new motion controller for the PS3, due for release early next year.

The demo consisted of a Sony engineer waving the controller around with a monitor replicating his movement but, instead of showing the controller, it displayed of objects including a tennis racquet, sword, Japanese fan and a torch.

The demo also exhibited a two controller swordfight as well as two motion controllers being used to handle virtual toy building blocks. Perhaps the most impressive demo was the ability to write free-hand with the new motion controllers.

We look forward to more details in the coming days and weeks.

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