The Sony PS3 has hit a whopping 50 million sales worlwide, with the recently released Move controller notching up eight million sale already.

At least the tide is now turning for Sony, who for years were famously loosing money on each unit sold. Now with development costs recouped and an easier and cheaper to make console they should now easily be seeing a return on their investment.

As an added bonus for Sony, such a high total number of console sales means there are an equally high number of Blu-ray players out there in homes around the world, thus boosting sales of their high-defintion format disks.

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Industry research firm NDP expects a dip in game buying numbers this holiday season, accoring to its latest survey.

Sales have droped almost every month this year compared to 2009 and according to a survey of mover 2,000 respondents only 15 percent of US consumers plan on buying this holiday season.

This is despite the new PlayStation Move, Xbox Kinect and refreshed Xbox 360 line-up bringing renewed interest to consumers this year.

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Whilst Netflix is indeed coming to PlayStation 3 it has been revealed that is will require a disc in order to use it every time you want to stream. Joystiq shot some questions off to the company, who justified this as being “fastest and easiest way to let PS3 enthusiasts get Netflix on the PS3″ and that an embedded software solution through XMB will be coming late next year. It denies this has anything to do with Microsoft’s exclusivity agreement.

Source: Engadget

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Whilst a 250GB Slim PS3 is expected following Sony’s testing of such a version with the Federal Communications Commission, an exact release date was never published.

Well, such a console could be on sale as soon as 13 October after Engadget published a picture of a 250GB PS3 Uncharted 2 bundle.

The game itself is released on 13 October and We’d expect the bundle to be available on the same day as the game with an official announcement possibly coming at next weeks Tokyo Game Show.

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The new Slim PS3 from Sony must be selling well here in the UK. We’ve just checked the stock status of several web retailers and Game, HMV, Play, GameStation, Zavvi and Tesco are all out of stock. Amazon and DSG group stores (Dixons, PC World and Currys) still have the console in stock.


Website PSBeyond has claimed that Gran Turismo 5 will be released for sale in the UK on 25 September 2009. Whilst this seems almost too soon, the Slim PS3 did catch us by surprise with the speed with which it came to market. The source of the date is reported to be a Sony official.

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The launch of the revised Slim PS3 has given Sony a huge sales boost, with them selling 38,000 consoles more than they did the previous week, This represents a whopping 104% week-on-week increase. Next week should see even bigger gains as the figures were taken pre September 1 when the new console wasn’t fully available.

Thanks to the recent price cut Microsoft’s Xbox 360 saw a 32% sales increase, selling 74,689 units compared with 56,448 during the pre-price cut week. Total Xbox 360 sales were just 1,242 units shy of the PS3’s total.

Without a revised console or a price cut to boost sales, Nintendo saw a 4% drop in the same week. Despite this it still sold an impressive 74,245 units, only a few hundred shy of the Xbox and less than 2,000 off the PS3.

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The Telegraph reports that Sony have placed orders for enough console components to double the production of PS3’s over the next three months. This move leads us to think that Sony are expecting a massive increase in demand which could only be caused by the introduction of a Slim version of the PS3 games console.

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Retailer is showing a release date for the long awaited driving sim Gran Turismo 5. Their site is stating a 29 December release, which seem a little odd to us being the week after Christmas and after the years biggest sales period. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see but at least it’s looking a little closer than sometime next year.

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According to engadget, Sony are due to release a Red and Blue edition of their DualShock 3 controller in the US this coming October. This will complement the existing Black and Silver DS3′s already available. There is no word on whether these will be available in Europe.

red and blue dualshock 3 ps3 controller

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