In a turnaround of the Xbox 360 vs Sony PS3 launches, Microsoft has yet to announce any details of its forthcoming PS4 chanenger. Despite this, some industry watchers are convinced that the new Xbox will dominate the next generation of games consoles. Michael Pachter, analyst at Wedbush Securities, believes Microsoft will win the next generation console battle.

In a South by Southwest presentation Pachter stated that non-gaming related features such as Skype integration and TV services will allow it to win the next-generation console war. Whilst the current Xbox 360 features a good selection of entertainment features, its successor is expected to push entertainment to another level thanks to Kinect 2 integration, digital video recording features and possibly set-top box functionality.

Whilst Sony’s PlayStation 4 (get a free PS4 via may aim to catch the Microsoft console over time, Pacher believes the Xbox’s early edge will be maintained.

Maybe Sony’s desire to get information about their new console out first may not pay off after all.


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Sony has told T3 magazine that total length of time the PS3 will remain on sale will be longer that that of the PS2. Their comment went along the lines of ‘the PS3 won’t celebrate its 2nd birthday in the UK until March 2009, and we’ve always stated that the life-cycle for this generation will be longer than that of previous models – we will see the PS3 sales far outlasting the PS2’. We would estimate that the PS4 won’t be around until 2012, thus leaving the PS3 to remain on sale a long time after its successors launch.