Whilst a 250GB Slim PS3 is expected following Sony’s testing of such a version with the Federal Communications Commission, an exact release date was never published.

Well, such a console could be on sale as soon as 13 October after Engadget published a picture of a 250GB PS3 Uncharted 2 bundle.

The game itself is released on 13 October and We’d expect the bundle to be available on the same day as the game with an official announcement possibly coming at next weeks Tokyo Game Show.

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The new Slim PS3 from Sony must be selling well here in the UK. We’ve just checked the stock status of several web retailers and Game, HMV, Play, GameStation, Zavvi and Tesco are all out of stock. Amazon and DSG group stores (Dixons, PC World and Currys) still have the console in stock.


The launch of the revised Slim PS3 has given Sony a huge sales boost, with them selling 38,000 consoles more than they did the previous week, This represents a whopping 104% week-on-week increase. Next week should see even bigger gains as the figures were taken pre September 1 when the new console wasn’t fully available.

Thanks to the recent price cut Microsoft’s Xbox 360 saw a 32% sales increase, selling 74,689 units compared with 56,448 during the pre-price cut week. Total Xbox 360 sales were just 1,242 units shy of the PS3’s total.

Without a revised console or a price cut to boost sales, Nintendo saw a 4% drop in the same week. Despite this it still sold an impressive 74,245 units, only a few hundred shy of the Xbox and less than 2,000 off the PS3.

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Sony Europe have finally today confirmed that the PlayStation 3 Slim will be released during its press conference at GamesCom.

Sony chief Kazuo Hirai stated that the new slim console will go on sale during the first week of September and will have a 120GB hard drive.

The Slim PS3 will retail for 299 EURO and will be sold alongside the current model which will receive a price drop effective as of tomorrow. Please look back for further details on the new Slim PS3.

Reports are surfacing that Sony has filed a patent to cover an ‘Emotion Engine Emulation system’ that is capable of being used with the PS3’s Cell Processor.

The Emotion Engine was the name given to the chip in the original 60GB PS3’s that allowed it to become backwards compatible with the previous generation PS2 games. This technology was subsequently removed from later versions of the console in the name of cost cutting.

It looks as though Sony has found a cheaper way of incorporating the technology into the PS3 though some sort of software emulation. Maybe we’ll see it appear soon, possible in the much rumoured slim PS3 sometime later this year?

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